What is Xaffo?

Xaffo is a social analytics tool used to find out the popularity of your brand among leading social networks. Xaffo provides extensive social activity reports on your web content.

What are the supported Social Networks?

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and Delicious.

What activity is counted as a unique reference of your URLs in each social network?

  • Facebook: Like, Share, Comment
  • Twitter: Tweet, Retweet
  • Google Plus: +1
  • LinkedIn: Share
  • Pinterest: Share
  • Reddit: Score, Vote Up, Vote Down
  • Delicious: Bookmark

How does Xaffo find out references for your web content in these different social networks?

Xaffo finds this information via the publicly exposed APIs of these social network providers.

How does Xaffo handle commonly functioning variants of URLs, for example, does searching for references for "http://mypage.com/myarticle.html" also display references for "http://www.mypage.com/myarticle.html" as well?

Xaffo reads your Watch List URLs and searches for the exact URL references in social networks. Xaffo does not run any "automatic URL variant check” (for example if the URL found on your sitemap is http://mypage.com/myarticle.html, we do not search for http://www.mypage.com/myarticle.html). Instead, Xaffo displays the social activity reference counts that are returned by the APIs of the supported social networks for the given URL.

What other services does Xaffo provide except for URL analytics?

The Facebook and Twitter sections allow you to integrate your company's Facebook and Twitter accounts with Xaffo and monitor their reach and engagement. You can discover your Facebook page’s top influential users and most engaged users, top posts and user demographics. Xaffo also shows Twitter trends for keywords, sentiment analysis for your brand, and real-time tweets.

Can I try out Xaffo for free?

All our packages have a one month free trial. We do not require your billing information at the time of sign up. We only collect your billing information if you wish to continue after the free trial.

How do I cancel my account?

Go to your Account and the Change Plan section and click on the Cancel Subscription link.

What happens if I cancel my account in the middle of a billing month?

You will be provided the services till the end of the billing month and unless you add a new subscription your services will be stopped at the end.

What happens when I upgrade my account in the middle of a billing month?

Your package upgrade will immediately be applied to the account, but you will only be charged the higher rate from the next billing date.

How accurate are my dashboard stats?

Since we are using publicly available APIs and there can be errors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the analytics we provide. We do our maximum to improve the accuracy. We update all of our reports on a daily basis depending on the API availability. For example if statistics retrieval for a given URL fails, we follow up with three retries. If the attempts fail afterward, we show the statistics for the previous day until we do statistics retrieval again the following day.

How will my purchase show up on a credit card statement?

The subscription charge for your service will be shown on your billing statement as "CALCEY TECHNOLOGIES LLC".

What are the supported browsers?

Internet Explorer (7,8,9), Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Why can’t I see the Facebook section metrics such as Top Posts’ Last Week and Last Month, and Conversion rates?

This is common at the start of service as Xaffo begins to collect and populate data. Xaffo needs 8 days of data to calculate the conversion rates and “Last Week” metrics. It requires 31 days of data to calculate "Last Month" metrics. Once the application has the adequate data these metrics will be available.

How does Xaffo maintain social activity count for my Twitter account and Facebook page?

Xaffo allows you to add a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and 5 Twitter keywords per brand. Xaffo tracks up to 1,500 tweets per twitter handle or keyword, and the 100 most engaged posts, top influential users and most engaged users per Facebook Page on a daily basis.