Xaffo™ Social Media Tool Migrates to Amazon Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO - Feb. 11, 2013 - Xaffo™ has migrated its cloud-based social media monitoring tool from Google Cloud to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and has rolled out updated features with the migration. Updated sections include tying URLs to brands, Facebook monitoring and more. Read more »

Xaffo™ Updated for Brand-Centric Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 13, 2012) - Calcey Technologies® today announced two feature updates for Xaffo™, the online social media monitoring tool for businesses to intelligently examine social media activity for their brand's web and social media pages. The first update helps businesses achieve more brand-centric social media analytics. Users can create brand names within Xaffo to manage web and social media properties under that brand. The second update allows users to create a Xaffo account instead of using OpenID®. Read more »

Xaffo™ Debuts to Provide Social Media Analytics for SMBs to Enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO - May 14, 2012 - Calcey Technologies® today introduced Xaffo™, a browser-accessible application, to provide a new breed of social media analytics and social media intelligence. Xaffo provides the industry's first social media analytics tool for any organization - from small to medium-sized business (SMB) on up to large enterprises - to have an ability to track and act upon the popularity of their website and web pages in leading social media networks. In addition, Xaffo allows monitoring of keywords, trends, conversations, even sentiment analysis, and more across leading social media networks. Read more »