How could social media intelligence help your business?

The unprecedented rise of social networks has brought about an altogether new dimensionto the way people use the Internet. In the early days of the Internet, the measure of market penetration was the amount of traffic directed through search engines. A search engine was considered the ultimate playing field for consumers; where they could zero in on products and services of their choice by short-listing vendors through search results.

Today, social networks have emerged as the "new generation" playing field for consumers; where they could converse with others about products or services. People love to talk about their own experiences, especially the good ones. For example, it is a commonplace occurrence for someone to share the joy of using her brand-new mobile phone on Facebook, and have her friends Comment or Like the device. This sharing process introduces the product to a whole virtual community and tells us if the community likes it.

Encouraging members of social networks to share their experiences about your products and services is a crucial part of any modern-day marketing campaign. Knowing how successfully your product has penetrated into these different social networks gives you a measure of how successful your social media marketing campaigns have been. Social media intelligence is the metrics we could gather about how well our products feature in these social networks.These metrics can help us gain early insight into customer satisfaction and lead to improved customer service and sales.

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