Xaffo™ Debuts to Provide Social Media Analytics for SMBs to Enterprises

The Xaffo Application Delivers the Industry's First Social Media Analytics Tool for SMBs and Enterprises to Track Activity about Their Organization's Web Content within Leading Social Media Networks

SAN FRANCISCO - May 14, 2012 - Calcey Technologies® today introduced Xaffo™, a browser-accessible application, to provide a new breed of social media analytics and social media intelligence.  Xaffo provides the industry's first social media analytics tool for any organization - from small to medium-sized business (SMB) on up to large enterprises - to have an ability to track and act upon the popularity of their website and web pages in leading social media networks.  In addition, Xaffo allows monitoring of keywords, trends, conversations, even sentiment analysis, and more across leading social media networks.  The application is available at www.xaffo.com.

Subscribers can monitor the top 100 most popular pages of their website to see growth and trending, watch activity for selected web pages, and analyze visitor engagement. Website owners can use this intelligence to better proactively and reactively engage in social media marketing, whether to run a campaign or simply monitor their brand's reputation in social media networks.

Tracking a history of up to 1,500 posts per social network, Xaffo enables subscribers to stay on top of their social media presence with complete breakdowns for Delicious; Digg™; Facebook®; Google+™; LinkedIn®; Reddit®; and Twitter®.  Each tweet; retweet; like; share; etc. are tracked and can be conveniently viewed. A tweet can be clicked-through for direct communications and a Facebook profile of your engaged users can also be clicked-through from the Xaffo dashboard.

A Watch List lets users track keywords for competitive analysis, trending and more.  Facebook metrics let users track their most engaged users - yesterday's most engaged or all-time most engaged; conversations; posts; comments and levels of attraction.  Twitter sentiment analysis is also possible whereby aggregate results of individual positive or negative tweets can give users insight to trends on sentiment about a particular web page, keywords, etc.

"Social media's rapid rise in importance continues to leave many organizations trying to figure out how to get in on it and also how to best realize a return on their investment in time and resources," said Mangala Karunaratne, Founder of Xaffo.  "Today, it's not only vital for organizations to engage in social media, it's vital to clearly understand the impact it has on your organization's brand and products.  As such, organizations with a social networking presence must also have deep analytical intelligence.  It's important that this data is simple to understand.  It's also important that it be meaningful in terms of gauging how and how often your web content is being viewed, shared, discussed, and so on, within social media networks.  This is what Xaffo delivers upon."

Pricing and Availability

The Xaffo application is built on tipfy, a Python™ web framework, and is hosted on Google® App Engine.   It uses OpenID® so subscribers can login using their Google, Yahoo®, etc. information. Xaffo is now available.

With four versions starting at $49.99 per month, Xaffo ensures affordability for small to medium-sized businesses.  Typical subscribers for Xaffo Professional, which monitors up to 100 web pages, would include SMB owners.  Subscribers for Xaffo Business, which monitors up to 500 web pages, would include PR, marcom or social media managers while typical subscribers for Xaffo Corporate, monitoring up to 2,000 web pages, would be ideal for these executives as well as vice presidents (VP) of communications or marketing.  The Xaffo Enterprise version is ideal for VP-level and C-level executives. The Professional, Business and Corporate versions offer a free 30-day trial. An Enterprise version is available for websites above 2,000 web pages and provides customized analytics and reports.  Pricing for the Enterprise version is dependent on customizations.

About Calcey Technologies

Calcey Technologies® is a privately held professional services firm delivering a comprehensive set of online services including web, cloud, and mobile solutions for enterprises worldwide. The company's Xaffo™ application provides a cloud-based social media analytics dashboard to give organizations useful social media intelligence about the popularity of their website pages and keywords within social media networks.  With Xaffo, users can monitor social media activity and have social media measurement to realize social media ROI.  Calcey Technologies is headquartered in Redwood City, California, and maintains its global delivery center in Colombo, Sri Lanka. For more information on Calcey Technologies' full range of service offerings, visit www.calcey.com.  For more information on the Xaffo application, visit www.xaffo.com.

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