Xaffo™ Updated for Brand-Centric Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

The Xaffo Social Media Monitoring Tool Now Lets Subscribers Manage Brands for Social Media and Web Page Analytics; New Sign up Process Also Debuts

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 13, 2012) - Calcey Technologies® today announced two feature updates for Xaffo™, the online social media monitoring tool for businesses to intelligently examine social media activity for their brand's web and social media pages. The first update helps businesses achieve more brand-centric social media analytics. Users can create brand names within Xaffo to manage web and social media properties under that brand. The second update allows users to create a Xaffo account instead of using OpenID®.

Xaffo's new brand-centric approach makes it easier for subscribers to analyze their social media activities by brand. Users can now create a brand and manage web and social media pages under that brand. Users can create multiple brands to manage web and social media properties per brand more efficiently. For example a user can create the brand 'ACME' and assign a web domain to it. Xaffo then tracks daily performance -- across leading social networks -- for the top 100 web pages. The user can also add their social media profiles for Facebook® and Twitter® under that brand. This can then be done for another brand, and so on.

"Marketers think from a brand-centric viewpoint, not a URL-centric viewpoint," said Mangala Karunaratne, Founder of Xaffo. "Enabling our users to maintain their brands instead of website domains strengthens Xaffo's capabilities for centralized analytics. This makes Xaffo a more powerful social media monitoring tool for small business or enterprise subscribers."

In addition, users have requested to be able to use a Xaffo account instead of requiring the use of an OpenID account. Xaffo now offers its own sign-up process to let users create a Xaffo account in place of requiring OpenID. The new sign up process simply requires your first name, last name and email address.

About Xaffo
Xaffo is available at www.xaffo.com. Subscribers can monitor social media activity for their brand's web and social media pages. Xaffo tracks activity for a brand's most popular web pages across leading social media. Xaffo can be used to measure results of social media campaigns or for competitive analysis. For Facebook, Xaffo lists the most conversed and attractive posts. Xaffo also shows the most engaged users per Facebook page on a daily basis. For Twitter, Xaffo tracks up to 1,500 tweets per Twitter handle or keyword, and plots cumulative growth. It also shows real time tweets and sentiment for your brand's presence on Twitter.

There are complete analytical breakdowns for Delicious; Digg™; Facebook; Google+™; LinkedIn®; Reddit®; and Twitter. Social media has repeatedly demonstrated its power to influence brand perception. With Xaffo, brand managers have useful analytics on web page trends across leading social networks. Marketers can use this social media intelligence to analyze visitor engagement. In turn, the findings illuminate where to improve your social media presence for better engagement. Also, by tracking trends, Xaffo empowers marketers to be proactive and reactive in their social media engagements.

About Calcey Technologies
Calcey Technologies® is a privately held professional services firm. The company provides comprehensive online services including web, cloud, and mobile solutions for enterprises worldwide. The company also offers Xaffo™, an online social media monitoring tool. Xaffo empowers businesses to intelligently examine social media activity for their brand's web and social media pages. It's the industry's first social media monitoring tool for web pages that is affordable for small businesses. Xaffo also provides powerful and customizable metrics and scalability for the largest of enterprises. With Xaffo, users can achieve social media measurement that leads to realized social media ROI. Calcey Technologies is headquartered in Redwood City, California. It maintains its global delivery center in Colombo, Sri Lanka. For more information about Calcey Technologies visit www.calcey.com. For more information about the Xaffo social media monitoring tool visit www.xaffo.com.

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